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Thermally Modified Pennsylvania Ash, Oak, and Poplar. Made in PA from forest to finish.

Learn what Thermally Modified Hardwood is and how to install it. Includes best practices for our Decking, Porch Flooring, Siding and Rainscreen products, plus care, maintenance, and expectations.

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Americanaâ„¢ is a new generation of Thermally Modified Pennsylvania Ash, Oak, and Poplar Decking, Siding and Porch Flooring, transformed by heat and steam, for long-lasting beauty in your outdoor living spaces.If you found us, you're probably looking for real wood. That's good. Wood grows back. Plastic doesn't. Now it's down to what kind. Tropical wood is pretty awesome, but it comes from overseas rainforests. That's a lot of carbon released, and the harvest is not always done properly.