Americana™ Thermally Modified Wood Porch Flooring

Designed for greater distances

Our T&G Microbevel design allows the wood to adjust to wet/dry cycles without cupping or scalloping. Our proprietary structural end match also allows you to span greater distances than traditional butt-end Porch Flooring. So why stop at 8' or 10'? Extend your porch as far as you dare, and do some real outdoor living.

Americana™ Thermally Modified Wood Porch Flooring is offered in 6' to 12' long in 1' increments.

For full details & illustrations please view our 2020 Product Guide.

Nominal Size Net Size Length Profiles Species GRADES
1 x 4 0.75" x 3.50" 6' to 12' long in 1' increments Tongue & Groove Square Edge
Tongue & Groove Microbevel
With or without Structural End Match
Thermally Modified Ash
Thermally Modified Oak
Prime Grade
5/4 x 4 1.00" x 3.50"


Americana™ Thermally Modified Wood Porch Flooring is Real Wood for the Real World. That's it. No injecting of toxic chemicals. No stew of oils, plastics, & resins. Nothing but pure, beautiful, natural Pennsylvania hardwood.

Eco Friendly

100% pure, natural wood, sustainably harvested from Pennsylvania's beautiful, vast forestland.

Low Maintenance

It's up to you! Either apply a UV protectant to maintain the exotic color, or let it silver naturally.

No Chemicals

Heat and steam...that's it. No plastic, oil, resin, wax, or additives. Americana is completely chemical-free and safe.

Premium Hardwood

This isn't your grandfather's pressure-treated pine, or your parents' plastic. It's the real deal: Ash, Oak, Poplar.

Exotic Appearance

Deep, luxurious brown with UV protectant or let the wood silver without. Simulated wood grain? Get real.

Easy Installation

Use off-the-shelf clips. Symmetrical profile. Structural end joint can be laid like flooring, suspended between joists.

Long Life

Class 1 durability. First class stability. This stuff isn't going anywhere.

Real Environmental Credentials

Imported species come from tropical rainforests. Americana keeps it local, ultra-low impact, and completely sustainable.

HOW Americana™ Thermally Modified Wood Siding & Rainscreen PERFORMS COMPARED TO OTHER WOODS

We've seen how it performs. We believe in it. We want to influence the next generation of outdoor living to move away from man-made plastics, and embrace our local, healthy, prolific hardwood resource.

-- Americana™ Hardwood Pressure Treated Softwoods Composites Douglas Fir
Durability 25+ Years
Class 1
Varies (Up to 15 Years)
Class 2
20 Years
Class 1
10 Years
Class 4
Sustainable YES YES NO YES
Chemical Free YES NO NO YES
Hardness (Janka) 1400 690 1120 660
Fire Rating B C / D A / B B
Weight 40 lbs/cubic ft. 35 lbs/cubic ft. 60 lbs/cubic ft. 31 lbs/cubic ft.
Insect Resistance Good Good Good Poor