Americana™ Project Profile: Key West, FL

When History Meets Performance at the SouthernMost Resorts

The Americana™ project at Southernmost Resorts in Key West is a shining example of how Americana™ Porch Flooring can deliver performance without compromising historic restoration authenticity. Southernmost Resorts is a multi-block resort complex offering a variety of accommodations, including two guest houses. These guest houses were in dire need of complete renovation, given their age of over 100 years. Consequently, the resort had to adhere to strict historical building codes. Americana™ Porch Flooring emerged as the perfect solution to rejuvenate the old wrap-around decks. Not only does Americana™ Porch Flooring meet historical codes, but it also offers essential added benefits such as moisture resistance, particularly crucial in tropical climates. In addition to revitalizing the two guest houses, Southernmost Resorts opted for Americana™ Porch Flooring for a recent Bed & Breakfast front porch dining area within the resort.