Americana™ Project Profile


Lifebridge is a $140 million construction project in Kirkland, Washington, a suburb east of Seattle, where 209 luxury apartments and 153 senior assisted-living units are nearing completion. The entire Lifebridge construction project consists of five buildings, including a five-story, 153-unit senior housing complex, two six-story apartment buildings, a three-story parking garage, and a recreational center.


Prestige Construction & Development of Huntsville, TX was the winning bidder selected to provide the installation of the windows/doors, WRB, sub-girt assemblies, and exterior cladding systems. “One apparent element specified in the exterior design of the buildings was the use of natural wood siding,” said Frank Robinson, President & Managing Partner at Prestige. “Hardwood was a must, but the plans also called for a small-line shiplap style as part of the siding,” he added.

The project specification was originally for Dasso, a type of bamboo-fused wood, but there was also a real desire to use a natural hardwood from the United States. Robinson commented, “In our research, Dasso created logistical challenges with significant lead times, minimum orders, trans-Atlantic shipping, and prepayment, all of which were eliminated by using the Americana™ product which is sourced and milled in the US.” He continued, “Americana met the natural-wood specifications as well as the ability to endure the elements with little to no maintenance, but more importantly, it held up to our requirements for wanting to use a US-sourced and manufactured product. The Lifebridge project was my first time working with Americana siding. It’s easy to work with and install, and the finished product looks great.”

Approximately 42,000sf of Americana siding adorns the exterior of the three Lifebridge buildings. Construction of the Lifebridge complex is scheduled for completion in early 2021.

Architect: Katerra Architecture | Seattle, WA
Builder: Prestige Construction & Development | Huntsville, TX