Americana™ Project Profile: Philadelphia, PA

Architectural Design: Americana™
Meets Passive House

Discover Americana™ Welcome to this month's project spotlight, where we venture to the heart of Philadelphia, PA, discovering a harmonious blend of modern design within the embrace of a dedicated natural park. Step into the world of architectural brilliance as Americana™ Thermally Modified Siding and Decking takes center stage in a certified passive house marvel. Through a meticulous selection process, Scribe Design Build artfully integrated Americana™, showcasing its unrivaled versatility alongside other chosen building materials. A symphony of interior hardwoods, thoughtfully curated from our parent company Bingaman & Son Lumber, adds an authentic touch by embracing Pennsylvania-sourced hardwoods. The visionary design is that of Lauren Thomsen Design and the project’s conception, craftsmanship, and construction come from John Roderick and Ralph Loielo and the team from Scribe Design Build. This project stands as a testament to innovation, collaboration, and the ever-inspiring allure of Americana™ Thermally Modified Hardwood.