Americana™ Project Profile


Chris Kausner, the founder and president of Hallmark Construction in East Amherst, New York has been planning on replacing the deck on the back of his house for some time. As the proprietor of a regional building firm, he finds himself immersed in many reconstruction or home improvement projects every year. So, adding or replacing a deck to a home is commonplace for he and his staff, but when it came to his own residence he said, “I wanted to do something that was a little bit more of a showpiece.”

October 2020 Deck Project Profile

One evening, Chris was researching various substrate and decking options, and also seeking some inspiration for the deck he wanted as a showpiece for his home. He came across several photos on Facebook, posted by a former college roommate, who had recently replaced the flooring on his front front porch with flooring from Americana™ Real Wood. Chris loved the appeal of using real wood for his deck, as opposed to a composite material, and the color and grain of the Americana Thermally Modified Ash gave the perfect “showpiece” presentation he was seeking for his deck.

“I’ve been extremely pleased with the Americana product,” said Chris. “After placing my order the shipping was great, the materials were shipped right to my house, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the order-to-shipping time frame - less than 10 days!” Chris says he likes working with the Americana material, and the finished product “gives such a beautiful, authentic presentation.” He added, “I love the structural end-match, particularly because there is almost no waste. I will definitely recommend Americana™ to my clients.”

Designer & Builder: Hallmark Construction | East Amherst, NY