Americana™ Project Profile

This Stunning Porch is Getting All The Attention

This particular Americana™ project features a 100-year-old American foursquare-style home, the interior of which had been completely remodeled and updated. The front porch, however, maintained its original pine flooring, which had been painted over many times throughout the decades and was clearly showing its age and years of exposure to the elements. The homeowners wanted to replace the old pine flooring with natural wood that could not only withstand harsh winters and hot, rainy summers, but stand up to the front entrance’s running in and out, visitors, and other typical household activity.

The owners chose Americana porch flooring as the obvious replacement, given the product’s natural beauty, the ability to withstand nearly anything nature (and an active family) can throw at it, and of course the fit of this real wood to a century-old structure. When completed, the owner’s father commented “it's too nice to use!”

Three months later, the Americana porch floor looks as fresh as the day it was installed, and the owners beam with pride that it has become a stunning feature, drawing interest from the entire neighborhood. They haven't had one visitor in the past 3 months who hasn't commented on its beauty. They report that after seeing the new porch floor, one friend decided to install Americana on his own second-story porch.

Americana Porching
Note the replaceable threshold piece at the highest wear point - the step from the porch onto the brick stairs.