Americana™ Project Profile: Niles, IL

How We Enhance Landscape Architecture

The Greenwood detention basin project created a massive basin of 4.5 Million gallons, to help detain stormwater in an area historically affected by flooding on the northwest side of Niles, IL. In addition to detaining storm water, the project created a new space for the community as it expanded the size of the Golf Mill Park from 4 acres to almost 10.

Additional above-ground elements were designed and built to combine Golf Mill Park with newly completed park space on the adjacent village-owned parcel. Elements included permeable pavers, electrical, lighting, and stunning landscape design.

As part of the landscape architecture, the designers used concrete steps/seats as the base with accents of Americana Thermally Modified Wood. Real stone features reinforce the blending of natural features to create a stylish but functional outdoor community space. The combination of natural building materials integrated in the natural landscape creates outdoor spaces that are not just aesthetically attractive but produce a sense of harmony, balance, and sustainability.

Americana Thermally Modified Wood is sustainably harvested and processed in Pennsylvania. Thermal Modification is a specialized process where wood is heated (using steam) to a very high temperature to transform it on a molecular level into a highly-durable outdoor material without the use of chemicals or plastics.