Americana™ Project Profile: Frisco, NC

Special Charm For A Coastal Setting

Americana™ Real Wood is the top feature of a home in Frisco, NC, designed and built by Leading Edge Enterprises, State College, PA. Americana™ Thermally Modified Pennsylvania Oak is used everywhere on the exterior, including siding, decking, railing and stair treads. This project showcases the natural weathering of Americana™ Real Wood, imparting a special charm to the home's coastal setting. Let's face it, when it comes to a natural look, this is what every other synthetic or chemically-treated building product strives to imitate. It is no wonder Leading Edge Enterprises chose Americana™ to help create this masterpiece, with each board as unique as the sustainably-harvested tree it came from. For timeless beauty, Americana™ is the natural choice.