Americana™ Project Profile: Blakeslee, PA

Preserving History with Americana™:
Blakeslee Community Center Renovation

Join us in Blakeslee, PA, as we explore this month's inspiring Americana™ Project profile. Discover how the rich history of the Blakeslee Community Center, donated by the Blakeslee Family in 1923, has been lovingly preserved using Americana™ materials. From the elegant Americana™ Siding to the timeless Oak Porch Flooring and Oak Deck Boards for the stairs, this renovation project embodies the spirit of Americana™. Hear from Patrick Simonik as he shares his experience working with Americana™, highlighting not only its ease of use but also the genuine appreciation from the community for the beauty it has brought back to this historic building. Join us on this journey of craftsmanship and heritage preservation!