Americana™ Project Profile: Biltmore Forest, NC

An Exclusive Neighborhood in Biltmore Forest, NC

Near the heart of The Ramble neighborhood in Biltmore Forest, North Carolina, a contemporary home stands as a testament to the seamless integration of modern design and natural surroundings. This recently completed home, designed by Vellum Architecture and Design, and built by Buchannan Builders, showcases both architectural innovation and sustainability.

From the project's inception, Mark Rudolf, Principal at Vellum, was keen on finding natural, authentic materials that would harmonize with the wooded environment surrounding the home. The exterior of the house features Americana™ thermally modified poplar siding, a choice made for its warm, soft texture that complements the crisp and clean modern volumes of the structure. Rudolf appreciated the fact that Americana's™ wood products are sourced from Pennsylvania hardwoods, allowing for domestic procurement, and contributing to the project's sustainability ethos. Rudolf commented, “The choice of Americana™ not only enhances the aesthetics of the home but also aligns with the practical preferences of the residents.”

Rudolf commends the collaborative experience with Americana™, sharing that “The staff at Americana™ proved instrumental in swiftly addressing any challenges that arose during the construction phase. Quick proposal of solutions, timely provision of samples, and assistance in specifying the appropriate products underscored a partnership that facilitated the smooth design, execution, and completion of the project.”

Rudolf summarizes the project, stating, "In general, the house itself is made of very crisp and clean, modern volumes. We specified Americana™ thermally modified poplar as a soft, warm cladding material, to help the house connect and respond to its natural surroundings. It was necessary to balance the design with the surrounding nature and landscape, so the two primary exterior materials are brick and Americana siding."

Initial Project Design: 2019 | Project Completion: Summer of 2023
Architect: Vellum Architecture and Design, Asheville, NC
Builder: Buchanan

Photography Courtesy of 161 Photography