Americana™ Project Profile

Architecturally Attractive with a Nod to the Natural Surrounding Beauty

Smith & Robertson (S&R), a custom building and design firm in Charlottesville, VA recently designed and built a deck for their client using Americana™ Hardwood. Nestled near the Shenandoah Valley, the property features a breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The client was keenly interested in using a long-lasting, environmentally-friendly, non-tropical wood for this deck, a structure that not only had to be a very architecturally attractive and prominent element of the client’s home, but also a nod to the natural beauty of the surrounding woodlands. Initially, S&R considered a pine product but learned it was not dimensionally stable enough, and had an unfavorable track record with one of their suppliers. After researching, S&R found Americana™ Hardwood Decking, which provided exactly the performance and longevity specifications, as well as the captivating elegance of real wood that the client required. The results were stunning and exceeded the client's expectations.

S&R particularly likes the Structural End Match, which they attest makes installation very easy and stable, and saves a lot of wood waste given there is no need for trimming boards in order to land on a joist. Robby, the lead project manager at S&R is effusive in his praise of Americana, using terms like "beautiful", "gorgeous", and "love working with it.”