Americana™ Project Profile


Joe Hoffer had been considering replacing the deck boards on his porch for some time, but he wanted a unique look to complement his georgian-style home - a beautiful structure with accented timber framing and limestone. The story of his quest for a new porch floor began with a business trip, and while on a flight he struck up a conversation about wood and wood products with a fellow passenger who happened to be Chris Bingaman, one of the owners and President of Bingaman & Son Lumber Inc, the entity behind the Americana™ brand.

“I shared with Chris that I was looking to source some curly maple and he immediately presented his business card and suggested the staff at his company would be a great resource to help me procure the lumber,” commented Hoffer. He continued, “Not long after we landed I looked up Bingaman Lumber’s website and learned about the Americana brand and thermal modification. I really liked the look of the thermally modified ash product, but more importantly, when I learned that the wood can stand up to the elements with little to no maintenance, I knew Americana was the appropriate choice for my new porch floor.”

Joe enjoyed working with the Americana product, and appreciated its ease of installation. He shared that he was amazed with the consistency of the product and how the deck boards were so straight and flat. Joe was particularly impressed with the end match feature and how it helped to speed installation time, given that there is no need to worry about landing each board on a joist. “The end match also minimized the amount of scrap, but I think I ordered 8% extra and I’m pretty sure I still have an extra 6%, so the yield efficiency is excellent,” he added.

The end result is the stunning authenticity of a real wood floor on an outdoor living space, combined with the beautiful architecture of a period timber and limestone-framed home. Hoffer concluded, “I am so impressed with this product that I would for sure recommend Americana to my friends and colleagues.”

Location: Newport, PA
Builder: Hoffer Design