Americana™ Project Profile

Eco-Friendly Alternative to Tropical Wood

With a breathtaking view of Sonoma County, California and its pristine wine country, Deck Supply Warehouse’s client was seeking a low to no-maintenance, natural hardwood for their new deck project, the plans for which included 4,000sqft of new pool deck and a multi-level wrap-around deck. “The client was originally focused on sourcing IPE, a hearty tropical wood unfortunately harvested from the rainforest”, said Garth Leavens, General Manager at Deck Supply. But when he learned that his client was interested in not only a natural wood product, but more importantly something environmentally-friendly, Garth introduced and recommended Americana™ Real Wood.

In addition to environmental concerns, the building plans called for some elements of the deck to be very near to or even on the ground. While IPE can present a beautiful, natural look, the wood “simply doesn’t do well in low-ventilation areas or close to the ground, and it can be a bit unstable and difficult to work with”, added Leavens. After viewing a sample of Americana’s thermally modified ash product, complete with its rich, dark-chocolate color, and learning of its low-maintenance and high-durability, Garth’s client was sold.The Americana Real Wood decking was sourced from Healdsburg Lumber, Healdsburg, CA.

Garth enjoys working with the Americana product, because it’s straight and easy to install. He commented, “the sawdust is non-irritating, and the Americana decking can be quickly installed because you don’t have to cut the ends, given the pre-cut end match.”